Why Indians Adore WhatsApp So Much?

The WhatsApp user base in India is close to 100 million and it’s only going to rise further in future as India is the second most populated country of the world. Also, as the Smartphone is getting cheaper day by day, allowing Indian masses to purchase it and do WhatsApp registration for further hiking its popularity. In addition, as more than 60%, India’s population comprises of youngsters these are the main source of fuel for WhatsApp from India.

This is not the case that only teenagers make use of WhatsApp in India massive middle age population also registered in hefty numbers to make use of WhatsApp. The popularity of WhatsApp in India has become immense like some other developing countries; because people find it a unique way to get connected with other people. Furthermore, as WhatsApp permits to share various types of supported content to apart from text instant chatting and free voice calling – it has made WhatsApp more interesting modern day communication tool.

Even now countless people in India are tilted towards a new feature of WhatsApp status messages for enlightening other profile visitor to know about their mood. The unique WhatsApp statuses of various genres are getting popular amongst Indians, which can be acquired from various websites online. To get amazingly crafted ones click here to get Hindi WhatsApp status collection that is especially congregated for our Indian people.

Other reasons that why WhatsApp is so vastly utilized in India is because it’s completely free and Indians just love what they get for free. Also WhatsApp does not have any annoying ads running on it making it the most fitting instant chatting and voice calling Smartphone app. Moreover, since WhatsApp only requires you to be connected to internet for utilizing its features that’s why the hefty Indian population, who find conventional SMS and mobile calls pricy loves to do it with WhatsApp – with no charge attached.

Also, as India is such a big country and people for finding work and doing jobs have to travel to various parts of the country that’s when WhatsApp helps them to remain connected with their families. It also allows its users to share various supported content so that other users could actually witness it. This is a big plus for instantly sharing images and videos regarding any important thing with your family and friends for Indians no matter where ever they are and how far. This is like a blessing for the immense Indian population to get connected with their loved ones at any time by just having a working internet plan for free.

Thus Indians has fallen for WhatsApp for the reason that it offers features which makes communication much more interesting and simple, which many other similar categories Smartphone apps lack.